The Mousetrap at St Martin's Theatre

The Mousetrap at St Martin's Theatre


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The Mousetrap at St. Martin's Theatre

On a cold afternoon in London, I made my way to St. Martin's Theatre to catch the play called The Mousetrap with my relatives. It is a famous play written by Agatha Christie, and known as the world's longest running play. The play first started in Ambassadors Theatre on 25th November 1952 and is on its 65th year running. I was excited about this play because it was right up in my alley; I enjoy a good murder mystery. It was like watching Cluedo play itself out in real-life.

The Mousetrap was my first play because I've only gone for musicals in London. It was also my first time watching a play from the upper decks. Thankfully, I had a good view of the stage and was not blocked by a random pillar or taller person sitting in front of me. While waiting for the seats to be filled, I discovered a bar at the back while walking around out of curiosity. I found out we could bring drinks and snacks into the theatre. After scanning the list of drinks available, I got myself a bottle of Coke. It was only when I got back to my seat that I uncovered a dilemma. Where could I put my cold drink if I didn't want to hold it anymore when the play starts? A gust of cold breeze blew past when the door at the sides opened for other people to come in. The cold bottle in my hand did not feel pleasant to be held for a few hours.

Before I could decide whether to place it on the floor or in my bag, the lights dimmed and the curtains were drawn back. The play started with a group of people getting stranded in a newly run guesthouse due to a freak snowstorm. The guests and hosts began to worry when a cop stopped by to warn them about a murderer who was on the loose around the area. Worry and frustration got each character getting on each other's nerves and casting suspicion on one another. The play was engaging enough that I didn't think about the drink in hand for the whole duration. I only realised I didn't drink much of the Coke during the interval.

In good Agatha Christie's fashion, the play ended like how she ends her murder mysteries; with a twist. I am not allowed to reveal what happened in the play but I could say that it was filled with great suspense. I have to uphold the tradition of secrecy after all. I really liked the stage set up and the clothes. The acting was all on point. Each character's alibi was strong until when the play neared its end. At that point, everyone in the audience would have kicked themselves for not seeing the clues earlier. I wouldn't mind watching the play again even though I knew the ending already.

I would recommend those coming down to London to watch The Mousetrap at least once. I wished there were more murder mysteries plays that I could watch. For the time being, I will keep myself occupied with Agatha Christie's other works in other mediums.

The show takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes with an interval in between. It runs from Mondays to Saturdays starting at 7.30pm. However, there is a matinee show at 3pm on Tuesdays and 4pm on Saturdays too. Assisted performances are provided as well.

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