Mango Room @ Camden

Mango Room @ Camden


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What words come to mind when you hear the word: Caribbean? Sunshine, beaches, bongos, dreadlocks? Rihanna? You wouldn't be wrong. The two words that come to mind is Mango Room and on a side note: jerk chicken.

Mango Room is situated in Camden and boasts a fine dining selection of island favourites, including a favourite of many, spicy jerk chicken.

An establishment offers West Indian food such as goat curry with scallions, whilst also the house favourite Char-grilled Jerk Chicken. Mango Room also has an impressive little rum shack style cocktail bar, with a selection of imported beers, wine and spirits.

Heading into Mango Room provides you with the perfect escape from the alternative Camden crowd and a few hours of fine dining bliss.

The menu ranges from a selection of cold and warm starters onto mains, all presented beautifully. Upon my visit, I decided to go for the Chicken Wings and Crumbed Scallops, while a friend went for the Char-grilled Jerk Chicken and Salsa Sauce.

The service was good with our meals arriving ten to fifteen minutes after ordering, not too bad at all. The wings lacked the boldness I was expecting from a country that basks in flavour and spices. They proved to be quite bland, even with the addition of house condiments.

The scallops were not too much better and had witnessed the same fate as the chicken - bland, ordinary and a down right bore.

The dining experience was only salvaged by the epic dessert, a delicious, light Chocolate Coconut Cake that was fluffy, and just the right amount of sweet.

Now, my friend thoroughly enjoyed his meal which had just the right amount of flavour, so perhaps opt for the Char-grilled Chicken next time, as opposed to the wings.

Overall I would give mango room a 7/10. It's never extremely busy I find, but it has been around for many years so they are doing something right. Head over and make your own decision.

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