The Mad Professor's Room - Escape Land

The Mad Professor's Room - Escape Land


Posted 2016-04-20 by Anita Kfollow
Picture this: You're locked in a room. In the corner, there is a timer. You started with an hour, and now it is tick, tick, ticking down. Second by second you're losing time to find the way out.

Does that sound terrifying? Does it sound like an episode of Criminal Minds? Or Saw?

If you answered 'yes' to the above, you're absolutely wrong. For those of you who answered 'what is she talking about, escape games are all awesomeness and adrenaline'; you won't need to read any further, just click this link to book yourself into Escape Land, Oxford Street.

To the readers who are still a little rattled by my opening description, stick with me.

Escape games are pretty popular at the moment, and there are a few to choose from in London. I've tried some that have been good, and some that have been downright rubbish. Escape Land is one that firmly and definitely fell into the good.

Once you have been introduced to the room, and told what is not part of the game, you are told the story behind the room. This is where you really to start to feel like the world's greatest detective. You start telling yourself that you'll be out of there in a jiffy (soon, in a second, in a flash, in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye). Trust me, this feeling will fade fast.

Once you're ready, the door is locked and the timer starts...and you become a crazy ransack specialist (or, as thy say in the UK, an ASBO) as you begin looking for clues. You can have as many hints as you want, but I would recommend you wait till you start finding things - the more you find, the more sense everything will make. Or, the more confused you'll get.

As I can't tell you too much else about the room itself or I'll ruin it for you, I'll back away from saying any more about the room directly. Apart from a wicked ability to rummage, the smarts you need to escape are varied: maths, puzzles, words and street smarts (I am all street smart (delusional)).

To play you'll need a team of 3 - 5 players, which makes Escape Land perfect for any sort of group activity: team building events, hen-dos, stag-dos, birthdays, family fun days etc.

Tucked away on Oxford Street, close to Tottenham Court Road station, Escape Land is very central, and very easy to get to. Plus, Charlotte Street is about a 10 minute walk away for a good quality pre or post drink and bite to eat.

So that's that then! Invite your family, friends and colleagues to Escape Land to get locked I a room with you for an hour, and Escape the room.

Challenge: we escaped the room with 3 hints and 4 minutes to spare. Can you beat us? Bare in mind, I picked my team better than an Elf can pick a Fellowship.

Disclaimer: it is advisable to not invite meddling relatives, irritating colleagues or frenemies.

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