The Lost and Found Restaurant

The Lost and Found Restaurant


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The Lost and Found is the glossy new restaurant on Bennetts Hill - the same 'hill' as Bodega and Michelin-star restaurant Adam's. It's outside interior looks impressive and expensive, so dust down your clothes and slick back your hair because it's a nice kinda place.

This new Victorian-style bar and restaurant is actually rather nice. A little subdued for my liking in terms of seasonings and syrups, but overall, not a bad place. Frustratingly there are only four mock-tails (non-alcoholic cocktails), and none of them tickled my friend or I. Opting for fresh grapefruit juice instead, we drank in our surroundings.

It's like a polished pub with a slightly fairytale twist. With checkerboard flooring of black and white squares along with an ivy covered wall to the left of the bar and gold leaf flowered-shaped lights, it was rather like going back to your childhood, with slightly-bent rules.

If you remember the venue in its old incarnation as Bennetts, you'll hardly recognise it in its new guise as a self-styled 'botanical hideaway'. Cut-class decanters as lightshades and upside-down pot plants on the ceiling, as well as black and white floor tiles, lend an Alice In Wonderland feel to the decor.

Perhaps I'm a little effusive because it's pretty, or because the excitement of a new restaurant in town has gone to my head. Either way with food as good as they serve here, I stand by my opinion. The food is good.

'Good' isn't always what you want, however. The over-used adjective is, unfortunately fitting for The Lost and Found. Both my friend and I found our meals delicious, lightly-seasoned chicken, not too-spicy, but not overly-mild. The dishes were however, a little small. I wouldn't say I have the largest appetite, but there was definitely room for more.

Portion-sizes were the only downside to The Lost and Found, and my friend and I were in agreement about the customer service; superb. Truly, it was - our waiter (with his ever-so-slight shimmery eye shadow) was the most patient man I've met.

[ADVERT]My friend and I were catching up as we entered, and carried our conversation on as we were seated. Refreshingly, our waiter remained cool and calm as we turned him away for the second time when he requested our drinks orders. I find generally, restaurants underestimate the necessity of patience and understanding, even at the busiest times, but at The Lost and Found, our waiter was, frankly, a doll.

When he returned with our drinks, and we finally placed our order, he told us the average waiting time for our food, indicated where the toilets were, and gave advice on the flavours used in our chosen dishes.

The new owners haven't scrimped on the details, and have even made an effort with the toilets. The fairytale theme is carried through as you follow the hand painted birds on the walls, and blackboard sign stating 'Toilets This Way'.

Entering the toilets you're transported to a vintage, yet modern, alternative universe. The toilet doors have brass-handled knockers of different shapes, the toilet-roll holders are embossed with a flower design, and even the radiator has a print on it. Attention has been paid.

Even though we weren't bowled over with the food, Lost and Found has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that has had a lasting effect, and going the extra mile with the service guarantees loyal custom. I know I'll return either with friends, or alone for a cuppa because they have free WiFi, and welcome customers who bring their laptops.

The Lost and Found seems a rather unusual title, and yet incredibly apt. You might lose yourself in the beauty of the place, but find you're right at home with the granny-chic opulence and comforting surroundings.

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