Sleepover at London Zoo

Sleepover at London Zoo


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Aimed at those between eight and eleven years of age, London Zoo's hugely popular sleepovers take place at the zoo's biodiversity and conservation exhibit - better known as BUGS .

BUGS is the main place at London Zoo where you can find invertebrates, such as spiders, insects and millipedes, on display. But children needn't worry - they're all kept safely behind glass, so there's no chance of any of them crawling inside sleeping bags in the middle of the night.

The BedBUGS sleepover experience includes time spent exploring the fascinating BUGS exhibit. There will also be a mix of animal-related talks, games, and story-telling sessions.

One of the highlights of the experience is a night-time torchlit tour of London Zoo. Imagine that - no other visitors, just you, your friends and your fellow BedBUGS sleepover participants.

Find out just what goes on at one of the world's most famous zoos once all the visitors have left. The BedBUGS website points out that some animals at London Zoo are actually a lot more active at night than in the day, so you could be in for a few surprises.

Sleepovers will be taking place from March to November next year, with two events being held every month (except in August and November).

Participants are asked to arrive at 7pm on the Saturday evening of the sleepover. The event comes to a close the following day at 9am.

Groups taking part in a BedBUGS sleepover event must comprise a minimum of two children and one accompanying adult. One adult is needed per six children.

At £50 per person, the BedBUGS sleepovers aren't cheap by any means, but it should be an unforgettable and inspiring experience for everyone who takes part.

One piece of advice - if you want to take part in a BedBUGS sleepover, be sure to book early. To book a place, call 0207 449 6269 or see the BedBUGS website for more information and exact dates. There's also a comprehensive FAQ page #snack ">here .

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