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The Lighterman


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If you happen to be in King's Cross, searching for a place to a drink or to eat, there is a great address you can go to: . It is a three floors bar/restaurant/brunch place on Granary Square, with an amazing view of the Regent's Canal and the surrounding growing King's Cross area, mainly the art and design school, Central Saint Martins.

They offer a modern menu with European influences, as well as seasonal products and a wide choice for brunches. From all that I tried, my favorites are the sweet potato fries, maybe the best that I ever had. They also have a wide menu of cocktails, also changing with the season, as well as interesting wines. It is a bit pricey but seeing the atmosphere and the architecture of the place, it is not that surprising. They also have a weekday menu and a weekend menu so make sure to check the website in advance if you want a specific dish.

The top floor has a nice restaurant dining room and a bar, the ground floor is more of the common room, for quick orders and drinks, and, finally, the basement (canalside) has a parlour atmosphere by night, by virtue of its beautiful bar and the fact that it is more empty. On every floor, there is a terrace: the top one mostly for the view, the ground floor for smokers or those wanting a little fresh air, and canalside to enjoy a nice brunch on a weekend day by the canal. Cover yourself well and enjoy their pleasant terraces even in winter. Those who live in London will know that it is a luxury.

As it is a very busy place, it can take quite a long time to be served, or just simply to get some water. Sometimes you need a 15 minutes wait on a Friday night but you can go have a little walk and the staff will send you a message on your phone when your table is ready. Nevertheless, the staff are friendly and energetic, the building is as airy and informal inside as it is heavy and imposing outside, the clientele seems happy, relaxed and somehow classless.

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