The Ketch at Kniveton

The Ketch at Kniveton


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The Ketch is a pub and restaurant situated within the tranquil Derbyshire hills, providing a relaxed and rustic environment to drink and dine in.

Focused on fresh local produce and creating an intimate and friendly place to eat it in, The Ketch proudly offers typical Derbyshire dishes to its locals and visitors alike. Expect hearty, substantial but delicate flavours on the menu, including steak, homemade pizzas and the traditional sausage and mash. Their efforts to support locally extend to a selection of ales. Near the town of Ashbourne, people unsurprisingly flock from here to get an authentic and wholesome sit-down meal.

The friendly atmosphere is apparent the moment you walk through the door, with bartenders and staff always offering a welcoming hand or any assistance needed. It was clear to me that locals regularly come here, as people on several occasions would bump into one another and a chat over their ale and wine. Nonetheless, for those who don't come here often, you don't feel ostracised or uncomfortable - quite the opposite. Their food is clearly freshly made as they so proudly convey, with an expectant waiting time of around 20 to 25 minutes for main dishes. I imagine in the summer this place would be even more beautiful, with a small play area for kids and some benches to drink at - it makes a perfect setting to take in the surrounding views.

Choosing steak on the menu, the taste lived up to all my expectations - it was cooked perfectly and tender. Even their traditional dishes, such as sausage and mash, were far from simple, accompanied with a red onion chutney and red wine gravy, and the sausages were of course locally produced. Simpler dishes such as fish and chips are £11, whilst the steaks and mixed grills come at a slightly dearer £15-£17. Given the lengths to make the food and experience, the prices for me more than justified this. With new options of pizza on the menu now available too, I'm sure to return once again!

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