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The Granary


Posted 2013-11-07 by Lindsay Lawfollow
When our children are away at their grandparents for a much needed break, is my (and Andrew, my husband's) regular port of call for cocktails and dinner out. It's got a cosy atmosphere and a welcoming waiting staff, and we rather like it.

On a chilly November Sunday, we decided to pop in with the children in tow and see how it shaped up for a family lunch.

The first thing the little people spotted was a small play area, tucked in under the stairs. It was filled with books, toys, and a chalk board, so there was plenty to keep them occupied while we looked at the menu. The children's menu was good: they chose bangers and mash and roast chicken, both of which came with some flavoursome gravy and selection of vegetables (with the bangers) or pea shoot salad (with the roast chicken).

Lori told the waitress that the bangers and mash were very good, probably the best she had had in a restaurant. That's high praise because she has bangers and mash everywhere we go so she's become quite the expert.

Josie liked her roast chicken, although she would have preferred a more traditional selection of roast vegetables with it. She didn't really enjoy the pea shoot salad as much as the broccoli that her sister passed over for her to share.

Andrew had haggis bon-bons as a starter, which were crispy haggis parcels with a creamy mustard dip. I stole a couple of bites and they were very tasty. For main course, he had a steak sandwich and soup.

[ADVERT]I had the special Sunday roast: lamb with roast potatoes and vegetables. Mine was delicious. It had the same gravy as with the roast chicken and bangers and mash, which was full of robust, meaty flavours. The lamb was well done, but I do prefer it like that, and it retained its tenderness (although I suspect if you like it still a little pink then it would have been a bit disappointing).

Andrew's steak strips on ciabatta looked tasty, but I didn't get a chance to have a bit of that. Unfortunately the bread that came with his soup was slightly stale, and even toasting the bread could not quite disguise that fact.

I like because the children's menu goes beyond the chicken dippers/fish and chips/burger options that you usually find in similar restaurants, and although the food sometimes misses the mark, the service is always extremely friendly, and the atmosphere is pleasant. The often have live music later on in the evening, and I think that it would be a good venue for this.

Despite a slight misstep on the food and the grammar on the quotes above the bar, I will be going back to .

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