The Go! Team at Village Underground

The Go! Team at Village Underground


Posted 2015-06-25 by Amelia Janefollow

Wed 17 Jun 2015

There was a ripeness to the Village Underground on Wednesday night as the crowd held beers in sticky hands, gulping hurriedly. Yeah, the venue was hot but thankfully there was enough room in the sold-out venue between eager punters to air armpits and dry foreheads.

There wasn't too long to wait and the crowd were kept occupied by the brightly coloured projection of what looked like washing-up liquid interacting with leftover grease in the sink. But more romantic.

But no sooner had I been suckd into the swirling, psychedlic grease, The Go! Team burst onstage in a rush of sequins and stripes, kicking off with the oldie yet goodie, The Power is On. It was a rousing start, with its rhythmic semi-shouted vocals and blasting riffs.

We all felt like WE GOT THE POWER!

Juxtaposing beautifully, the band followed up with the titular track from their new album, The Scene Inbetween, a gloriously melodic track with main-man, Ian (who wrote and produced The Go! Team's latest stuff himself) pogo-ing at the back of the stage.

The set switched between the fierce soundclash tracks fronted by the never-tiring Ninja, and the lighter stuff sung by Kaori Tsuchida that went down as sweetly as a strawberry sundae in the summer of '79 as Tsuchida shimmered and swayed like a carefree Powerpuff girl.

The dynamic between the band was as strong as ever as each member slipped around the stage, swapping instruments along the way and picking up new ones as they went.

While the whole set was as exciting and delicious as popping candy snuck into a creme brulee, there were some especially stand out tracks. The new garagey, hip-hop track She's Got Guns was mega-bold and reminiscent of early Gorillaz, and was ace to be part of the audience during the feel-good Get It Together, where we all sang along to the recorder instrumental.

Multiple albums in, The Go! Team show no sign of slowing down and are still as exciting to watch as they ever were. While the new album claims to be all about the melody this time round, the rhythm and energy still shine through.

I'd bloody love to be on The Go! Team - reckon it's the best team to be on.

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