The George, Bloomsbury

The George, Bloomsbury


Posted 2016-01-25 by Claire Chambersfollow
It is easy, when glancing down Portland Street, to overlook The George. After all, it looks like a fairly unassuming pub, pretty much like any other you would find down any London street. Located a short walk away from the BBC Broadcasting House, it seems out of place amid the trendy eating places surrounding it. However, the interior of the George is wonderfully vibrant, with plush chairs, old-fashioned panelling and ornate mirrors. It is delightfully cosy, especially in the Winter, when it offers a refuge from the elements. Standing at the packed bar offers you the opportunity to practise your wrestling skills whilst competing with the other punters to get the attention of the bar staff. But it is all worth it, as the popularity of the joint can attest.

The pub tends to attract the after-work crowd who nip in for a quick drink or stay for something to eat. However, I would imagine this pub would be popular with tourists as well, attracted by the cheap prices in this section of Fitzrovia. It also benefits from a good location and potentially could attract shoppers from nearby Oxford and Regent Street.

The George offers a wide choice of pub food, such as burgers and Hunter's Chicken. The portions are pretty big, so be prepared! The food was tasty and satisfying and I would definitely recommend my cheeseburger. I always rate a pub on its cider selection and couldn't complain about what was on offer at The George. Another plus point is that they sell champagne for only £10, which means you can have a celebration which is light on the pocket and the champagne isn't half bad either.

Other things to mention: the service was good and the staff were pleasant and helpful. The pub tends to get busy after half 6 (which makes sense), however if you come before this time, it shouldn't be too difficult to get seated. The popularity of the pub indicates that the regular clientele know a good deal when they see one.

The orchestral conductor Henry Wood nicknamed the pub "the gluepot" as his musicians got "stuck" there during intervals of their concerts. Take a trip to the George and you might find yourself understanding why.

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