The Freud Museum

The Freud Museum


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Lay back, rest your head and open your sub-concious to the prospect of visiting the house where Sigmund Freud spent the last of his days. Given the creative title 'The Freud Museum' this beautiful Maresfield Gardens home gave rest to the period of 'Freud in exile'.

As you walk through this capsule in time, you almost feel yourself easing down into the classic Freud lounger to talk about how you never got to see Paris. Setting on my journey to Maresfield Gardens, I imagined this to be akin to many little museums littered throughout London, yet it held a certain timeless quality others lack.

Since the recent popularity of Sony Pictures blockbuster A Dangerous Method which dramatised the lives of Jung and Freud, The Frued Museum has seen an influx of intrigued punters. Yet these film buffs may leave a little disappointed at the lack of spanking implements.

Being one of the few 'double blue plaque' historical locations, many of the visitors to this museum also flock to see the home of Sigmund's daughter Anna Freud. Her home until her death in 1982, Anna Freud pushed forward psychoanalysis whilst in its infancy gaining notoriety in her own right.

I love to strut around mystified in the knowledge that an important figure in history tread these very floors. Lovingly tended to by his daughter, Anna Freud left behind her the wish that this little gem be preserved as a museum and research centre for psychoanalysis.

Alas some museums in London are not free or even giving you the choice to side step the donations box. But I had no qualms with handing over £6 for a chance to see the house of two Freuds. Adorned with antiquities throughout, we see the collections that Sigmund Freud delicately brought over from Vienna after he fled Nazi persecution.

Only living in this house for a year since reluctantly leaving Vienna, it pinpoints the resting place of the immense journey Sigmund Fraud walked. If you go to 'home museums' for chance to better understand the personality of historical figures, then this is no exception.

I suggest you capitalise on a lovely sunny day and make your merry way to Maresfield Gardens, as the house garden is also well kept and a beautiful reflective space. I left this location relaxed informed and not at all jealous of where they lived, although my sub-concious may say otherwise.

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