'The Fat White Family' Live at Nambucca

'The Fat White Family' Live at Nambucca


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Tue 23 Jun 2015

When we think of obesity, it isn't good. Rightly so, as you have no energy, limited capacity for educational and employment opportunities, not to mention massive risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The Fat White Family's energetic and intense performance at Nambucca left me gasping and my heart pounding in exhilaration at their intense psychedelia. Every song led to an intense pile of moshing, bouncing me like a pinball at every opportunity. The moshing at its most intense was joyous and as powerful as the Fat White Family's live sets ever could be.

Fronted by Jerome Alexandre, who takes on the messianic quality of reclaiming real rock'n'roll from corporate suits who can package it for Tweens to dance to Injustinot Believer. Believe me, his charismatic energy really makes him live up to that mission statement, to the letter. You're not going to see a nine year old girl in the pit, sweating like Gelignite and ready to explode in a sea of manic energy. Everyone crowd surfing wanted to touch Alexandre and transcend their mundane existence for one night, which was mirrored when he was carried off the stage victorious at the end of the show. With his shirts off, he seemed Christ like in his preaching and the mosh pit was in ecstasy at his every word, wanting to transcend the mundanity of working life. It was a rock'n'roll show, but it took on the feeling of a tent show revival as the sweat stigmatas out of the congregation in the mosh pit and the frenzy in the mosh pit took on the air of ecstasy.

I was sweating, my heart pounding and my breath shrinking as I bounced and barged into the mob, enveloping me like a hedonistic amoeba on food particles. I was feeling alive in ways I never felt before. It was all inclusive and it took on all comers, even the most elegant girl I saw in recent weeks. Even though it was nearly impossible to eye her up, I was astonished how she kept her fedora on an that jaunty angle. The fact she was on the fringes aside, she was part of the pit too. It took no prisoners, even myself. I was shown no mercy as Alexandre, this charismatic preacher, exhorted us to "Taste The Leather". As the show ended, I got a text reading: "Oh good, we weren't as tight as we could've been but it was still fun"

He was right about the latter part.

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