The Comedy Store @ The Young Guns

The Comedy Store @ The Young Guns


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Sun 17 Feb 2013 - Sun 17 Mar 2013

The Young Guns is a new night at The Comedy Store that promises the cream of the comedy crop. But promises are made to be broken. Two of the three acts were at best painful, and frankly cringe-worthy.

The Young Guns show consisted of the following:
An introduction by the compare
Three acts
Two ten minute breaks

Thank God for the breaks because it was an absolute relief to leave your seat and escape the heinous performances.

Customers are encouraged to hit the bar, but The Comedy Club is famous for their bargain priced pizzas – they're not large, but at £5 each you can't really argue. If you're hungry one will fill you up, but don't be surprised if the boredom of the night has turned you ravenous, so order two and share with your friends. Drinks were averagely priced too - £2.80 for a beer, and £1.50 for water.

It's a shame, because when you walk into The Comedy Store and you see the spacious bar, with the cloakroom to the left, all seems well. You pay at the inside box office, grab a drink and wait until the 'Entrance' doors are opened and you can go sit in the cinema-style seats (they have drinks holders) in the theatre-like room. What a false sense of security.

Speaking of which, the acts overall were shockingly bad. It's the Young Guns night so obviously it's new material, but it sounded used; I stifled a yawn several times and sighed many.

Individually the only act who stood out was the female comedienne. She was actually funny; quirky, clever, made weird noises that caused a giggle, and was the most natural on stage.
The compare wasn't to my taste, but some laughed at his mediocre attempt at humour.

'The Young Guns' as a night was bad-to-average at best. Harriet rescued it, but seen as she was in the middle of the two other acts we had to endure the unexceptional final acts and second-rate compare for another 30 minutes. Not my idea of a good night out, so I'd suggest heading to the Comedy Store on a night you're familiar with.

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