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The Colour House Theatre


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is being run by the Wheel House Theatre Company; it is their first full term there and they hope to make a good impression with productions, live music, and workshops throughout the year. They have also started a theatre school for 7-16 year olds that specialises in musical theatre, drama, singing, and dancing.

The children's theatre is at Merton Abbey Mills and every weekend holds fairytale based productions. Here's what's coming up this autumn:

Elliart Creative Classes

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning take your baby or pre-schooler down to the Colour House Theatre for a 45 minutes of creative, messy fun.

9.45am-10.30am and 10.50am-11.35am. Tickets are £7.50.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He also wants to marry the lovely Maid Marian, but that could be difficult with the nasty, swindling sheriff of Nottingham about.

This is the show's 84th production in 17 years, so this proves how popular it is. The show is packed with songs and effects, and is fun for all the family. It is held every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm & 4pm until the 11th November, and tickets are £10 or £8 for concessions.

Box Office: 020 8542 5511

Once Upon A Fairy Tale

Over the half term there will be a drama workshop. All the fairy tale characters are going to the Amarillo Party for a big karaoke night, but the problem is, they don't want to go back to their books. It is up to the children to send them back to the right fairy tale before midnight, or who knows what could happen?

The 45 minute workshop is suitable for 3-12 year olds, followed by the show itself. You have a choice of just going to the show, or having the kids participate beforehand, dressing up as all their favourite fairy tale characters.

The workshops are at 2pm and 4pm between Monday 29th October and Friday 2nd November. Tickets are £10 each, but if you buy two, then you get one free.

Call: 0207 394 9074

Jack and The Bean Stalk

After Robin Hood goes on his merry way, in enters Jack a bag of magic beans. He traded his cow for these beans and his mum was none too happy. In her anger she threw them out the window, but during the night they sprouted... and what a growth spurt they had. Jack's beans grew into a beanstalk that reached up above the clouds.

Join Jack between Saturday 24th November, and Sunday 13th January to discover what he finds at the top. There will be shows at 2pm and 4pm, with tickets at £10, and concessions at £9.

Box Office: 020 8542 551

Birthday Parties

do great Birthday parties that you can either organise yourself, or have catered for.

There are two time slots: 12.30pm-3.15pm, or 3.45pm-6.30pm.

For the early afternoon slot you'll start with lunch, party games, and a disco. You'll then get first row seats to whatever production is on at the time. At the end of the show, the cast will sing happy birthday, and give the birthday boy/girl a present.The second slot is much the same, only the kids will eat and party after the show.

Costs are £7 a head for the show and £75 for private room hire. There are also extras such as the disco for £20 and a party organiser for £50.

Call: 020 8542 5511

There are also events for adults, such as the BB's Blue Club. On the 30th September, David Raphael and his blues band will play 8pm-11pm. Tickets are £6. Then on the 22nd December at 8.30pm, Mick Wilson will do a solo gig. He is an international musician, singer, and songwriter, and for £20 (£17 for concessions), you can listen to him sing his own songs, and pop/rock classics such as The Eagles, Hall & Oates, Marvin Gaye, Prince and Eric Clapton.

Box Office: 020 8542 5511

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