The Boozy Cow

The Boozy Cow


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Located between Edinburgh's Princes' Street and George Street lies the basement restaurant, the Boozy Cow. Once through the front door, you're welcomed by blaring music of all different kinds and super friendly staff. The decor of the restaurant is a cross between a warehouse and a graffitied skate park but in a classy enjoyable way. Our table was a booth for four where we spent the first five to ten minutes of being there checking out the fascinating decor.

The drinks menu is lengthy and well detailed. Despite initially seeming overwhelming the range of drinks ensures enough choice for everyone. A large portion of the drinks menu is dedicated to their cocktails, which are true works of art. My choice was the Twizzler, which was a concoction of cherry vodka, cranberry juice, and sherbet. The cocktail came in a tin can topped with a Vimto lollypop and a flying saucer sweet.

Understandably the drinks took their time to be made and delivered to the table which was very much worth it considering how delicious they turned out to be. Alongside the Twizzler cocktail were many different cocktail options ranging from frozen beers and gin cocktails to peanut butter based cocktails. As well as cocktails, wine and spirits the Boozy Cow featured a range of ciders, beers, and pale ales. When one of our party asked the waitress about the pale ales she was able to describe and recommend. The cocktails were reasonably priced ranging from £6 to £9 and very much being worth what you were paying.

Now to the food, which really was the main show of the night. Burgers are the specialty at the Boozy Cow with over 20 different options. As someone with a not very adventurous palatet I ordered the cheeseburger. The others at the table ordered the vegetarian portobello burger and the Phili Cheesesteak. Along with the burgers, there are many different fries options which you have to add on separately to the burgers. It is annoying to feel like you're paying extra for fries but more and more, fries being separate from the burger is becoming the norm. The types of fries range from classic to sweet potato to topped fries smothered in chili and cheese.

The food did not take long to arrive, which is, of course, always a massive bonus. For those looking for classy fine dining with proper table manners, I would advise you to avoid the Boozy Cow, as one of their main features is their lack of cutlery. On each table is a roll of kitchen paper and cutlery will only be provided on request. This feature resulted in a messy game to see who could make the least mess and who could use the least amount of kitchen roll during dinner.

The food is delivered on trays and the fries in baskets. Each of the large trays had two burgers and two portions of fries. This element of sharing made the experience more sociable. In terms of taste, the food was truly great. The portions are large, which means the food takes a while to get through, but each bite was as tasty as the first. The fries were slightly dusted in a spicy coating, which was sadly not mentioned on the menu. At first, this left me apprehensive that I would not enjoy them but they were not too spicy and made a good combination with the classic cheeseburger. The large portions leave you feeling very full but in an enjoyable manner, the type where you want to lie down and nap and just think about how great the food was.

Considering we were there on a Monday night the Boozy Cow was jumping with near enough every table being full. The age range of diners as well was vast, with students at one table, a family of 6 at another and a group of middle aged women making the most of the cocktails at another. The friendliness of the staff really rubs off and makes your whole experience enjoyable and easy. Even just visiting the Boozy Cow to absorb the decor or for drinks is worth the short diversion from Princes Street. From the outside, the Boozy Cow looks like a small burger joint in the basement of a building but once inside you're in what can only be described as an edgy restaurant surrounded by interesting modern art decor, where you'll want to stay all night.

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