Book of Mormon Play Review

Book of Mormon Play Review


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I was skeptical about all of the high praise devoted to the Book of Mormon , created by Travis Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. I didn't enjoy South Park (although I'm reconsidering giving it another try after this musical), a show Parker and Stone are both well known for, and after hearing my partner moan about how much he wanted to see it, we finally booked tickets. The demands for the tickets are high, resulting in us booking the tickets three months in advance.

[ADVERT]The Book of Mormon is a play that solely focuses on the mission young, teenage Mormons have in sharing their religious faith to the outside world. The two main characters, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, are sent to Uganda to sway the Africans to their religion. However the Africans are far more worried about AIDS, poverty and the evil warlord who threatens the local village.

When the evening approached we entered the Prince of Wales Theatre and had a few drinks at the bar and a box of Maltesers. We sat at the upper circle with a fantastic view of the stage. A frame made of fake stained glass surrounded the stage along with a statue of an angel. I waited in my seat, wondering if I was going to enjoy the show.

The opening number started and within the first minute I found myself mesmerised by the presence of the performers. The show continued and I found myself laughing, laughing and laughing again throughout as joke after joke was sung or spoken. The songs were creatively written with Spooky Mormon Hell Dream and Hasa Diga Eebowai being two of the most memorable.

The show isn't for the light-hearted, with a lot of offensive language and controversial themes. However, with the satire comedy based on Mormons and the rude, offensive language and themes, the show has a heart. Buried within everything you will find yourself falling in love with the characters and by the last musical number, you'll definitely want more.

As I left the show I felt happy with the jokes and musicals tunes running through my head. I waited outside the stage door and applauded the actors as they each left the theatre, more than happy for a chat or to sign any programs.

Although I was skeptical at the start of the performance I was quickly sucked into the show and enjoyed it (even more so than my partner, and it was his idea to go). I would recommend the show to anyone who enjoys a comedy with a heart and wouldn't mind the language although I will give two tips to anyone who wants to go; book the tickets well in advance and, at the theatre, buy a program and a plush frog – the frog was important and awesome in the show.

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