Thai Square Restaurant - South Kensington

Thai Square Restaurant - South Kensington


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If you find yourself in the South Kensington area and feel like a sit-down Thai meal, you could do worse than finding yourself a table at Thai Square on Exhibition Rd.

I was drawn in from the street by their set lunch menu, which at 10 pounds was a good deal. The offer is available between 12 and 3pm, Monday to Friday, but not on Bank Holidays. It wasn't a Bank Holiday, so I was in the clear there but the main dish of the special was a Thai Green Curry that was marked as 2 chillies hot. Now, 2 chillies hot may have been within my heat threshold but out of fear that it might not have been, I stayed away. I may have been able to ask for a mild version but not craving a Green Curry that badly, I chose something else from the comprehensive menu.

When we arrived, we were seated promptly at one of the tables for two. These were laid out a little bit too close together though, meaning that I could very clearly hear the conversation at the table next door and that my partner, by no means a large person, had to squish his way between the two tables to sit.

There was nothing startling in this though, as space is definitely a luxury at a lot of restaurants in London. Apart from that, there was little to note about the interior - perhaps the upper floors are a bit more memorable, or maybe I just needed to use my eyes better.

Our food didn't take too long to come out. My chicken with cashew nuts was nice, while not being spectacular. There were a lot of cashew nuts, which sounds silly but sometimes places skimp on this and it is always annoying when they do, so I was happy that it wasn't the case here. I wish that there had been a little less chicken and more vegetables though, as there weren't all that many in the dish. The rice was ordered separately from the main meal.

My partner chose the sweet and sour pork, which is apparently a popular choice with children and adults alike. He reported that the pork wasn't that nice but the meal itself was fine. From the mouthful I had, the sauce was a bit more tomato-based than what I would have expected, and it wasn't as sticky or sweet as I expected it to be.

The serving sizes were reasonable, not huge but also not tiny. The service was attentive and business-like.

Overall, it was a pleasant, if unremarkable, Thai food experience. I think if I was to return I would try the Penang curry which a lady had at the table next door to us, as that looked rather tasty.

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