Techy Tea Party

Techy Tea Party


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Tue 09 Sep 2014

Remember the good old days when we didn't need computers, mobile phones, and other snazzy gadgets? That is a bygone era now, and to operate in the world today, most will find computers have become an essential part of daily life. For example, many forms that you have to fill in have to be done on line, as does registering for certain obligatory schemes. In many cases I have even found that a computer isn't enough; to complete a form you might even need to put in a valid mobile phone number.

For most, operating these devices is second nature because we have grown up around them, but if you were born before this technological boom, you may find yourself flummoxed by it all.

Some elderly people are perfectly content to live without a computer, while others want to be as up to date with the world as possible. I'll take my grandparents as a prime example. My granddad couldn't be less interested in technology if he tried. He sees no reason for it, as he gets on perfectly well without. My nana, on the other hand, is very keen to stay in the known. She took computer lessons at her local library, learnt how to use a mobile, and email, which means we now send messages to one another.

If you would like to get a grip with all the newfangled technology such as computers, phones, the internet, and tablets, the Age UK is holding a on the 9th September between 9.30am - 11am at EE stores nationwide.

In the big stores, you can book a free one-to-one session with an expert, while in the small shops you can join a drop-in session with tea and biscuits. Feel free to bring your own devices in, or use the ones in store. While there you can learn things such as how to send a text, set up and email account, and use touch screens.

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