'Taste of Ceylon' Restaurant

'Taste of Ceylon' Restaurant


Posted 2017-07-07 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
Actually, this should probably read 'where can one get a decent lunch for two under 10 quid?' And, no, it's not a trick question! The answer lies in a little restaurant in Wallington, an area, roughly South West of Central London.

Recently opened, the restaurant dishes up authentic South Indian cuisine. We had an impromptu lunch the other day - hubby and me. Both of us settled for what we have always known and loved best - Dosa. This is essentially a savoury rice based pancake that comes in various forms. The one you see in the picture is called 'paper roast'. With its wafer-thin and crisp texture, no guesses for why it is known as paper roast.

The other kind of dosa is the kal dosa which hubby chose. This is a slightly thicker version and much softer too. Both of them came with the usual accompaniments of coconut chutney and the lentil based soup called 'sambar'. I would give it an 'A' for authentic taste. We also had a 'vadai' each as starter. The best way to describe this is that it is a savoury lentil based doughnut. While it was tasty, it didn't seem very freshly made. As it is a rather laborious process, I think most South Indian restaurants make it well in advance. Having grown up with mum frying these freshly as per demand when we had this at home, perhaps I am a bit judgmental when it comes to that!

So, as you can see from the menu, both our mains together came to a grand total of £9! And, the portions are quite generous - it's not one of those places you have to walk away after a meal, wondering if there might be something in the fridge at home because you're not quite full.

Another big feature is their string hoppers (rice noodles would describe it best) which they do in bulk for families who find it easier and cheaper to get it from them (it is staple fare in many ethnic Tamil communities). These can be divided into batches and frozen for a later date.

All in all, if you want South Indian cuisine at pocket money prices, then, why not try 'A taste of Ceylon'.

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