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Tantrum Doughnuts


Posted 2017-05-10 by Harley Griffithsfollow
I'm guessing the name of the popular was decided after telling a customer they had run out of doughnuts for the day, because I'm sure I would have a tantrum too. It's easy to see why as you step through the door: doughnut heaven IS a place on Earth, and it's located at 27 Old Dumbarton Road. The shop itself is simple and modern in design with a few stools and tables to perch on in the back. But the real head-turner is the glass counter which glistens with rows of fresh, handmade, perfectly plump doughnuts. Drool-worthy.

Not only are each and every one of these doughnuts so mesmerising that you might actually forget to place your order, but their flavours will leave you equally tongue-tied and tempted to try them all. Doughnuts range from classics such as the 'Raspberry Jam' and the 'Almond Old Fashioned' to more adventurous combinations like 'Pistachio and Hibiscus', 'Peanut Butter & Jam', and 'Maple Candied Bacon & Pork Crackling'.

I myself opted to try the 'Crème Brûlée', 'Chocolate Hazelnut with Cinnamon Sugar', and 'Pistachio and Hibiscus' doughnuts on my first, but certainly not last, visit to Tantrum. The Crème Brûlée doughnut was all about texture. My first bite cracked its glassy surface and was cushioned by soft dough underneath: a delicious contradiction. For me, however, the caramelised sugar was over-brûléed and slightly too hard to crack into, which made the vanilla-speckled custard in the centre a welcome treat for my somewhat sore mouth. Nevertheless, the flavours were worth it.

Next up was Pistachio and Hibiscus. The bright pink swirls of this doughnut with pistachio crumbled on top made this the one I was most excited for. Sadly, it was a major letdown. It may have looked great, but it tasted pretty plain.

The Chocolate Hazelnut doughnut definitely made up for my disappointment, however. Its chocolatey filling oozed out from the centre of the cinnamon sugar coated dough, giving Nutella a run for its money. Because insists on using only high-quality, fresh ingredients, the payoff was incredible in their chocolate hazelnut concoction. The texture of the crunchy cinnamon sugar coating complemented the rich, velvety smoothness of the filling, making it a doughnut no one could possibly refuse.

In short, is a must-try stop on the doughnut lover's list. Despite a few letdowns, I will definitely be going back to try out some of their other flavours—or maybe just to drool at the mouth-watering selection.

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