Tamper Coffee - Sellers Wheel

Tamper Coffee - Sellers Wheel


Posted 2016-10-08 by Jane Wongfollow

One of the best coffee places in Sheffield! In fact, they're so good that there are two Tamper Coffees in Sheffield, although this article will be focusing on the one at Sellers Wheel. Tamper Coffee at Sellers Wheel is located in the heart of Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter. The actual building itself is a white-washed 19th century former silversmiths - how cool is that?

The inside of the building is equally representative of its history, with bricked walls and plain floors. What's changed since then is that the place is now run by baristas who are heavily influenced by the infamous Kiwi (i.e. New Zealand) cafe culture. As someone who lives in Australia, Tamper Coffee almost brought back a little piece of home.

The cafe is dimly lit, with plenty of natural lighting. Soft, relaxing music adds to the calm and inviting atmosphere of Tamper Coffee draws you right in - the ambience was great, you couldn't ask for more. There was not much in the way of decor bar a few pieces of wall art and potted plants hanging from the ceiling - it really is a very nice place to kick back and relax with mates.

They have an extensive breakfast menu, with lots of options to choose from. I can't say for sure, but if their breakfast menu is anything to go by, their lunch menu should boast an equally impressive number of options for patrons to sift through. Tamper Coffee also has specials up on a board, which is what I opted for on the day I went.

I ended up choosing an omelette with mushrooms and capsicum sauce (and a bunch of other things which I unfortunately do not remember), whereas my friend went for creamy wild mushrooms, scented with lemon thyme on toasted sourdough topped with crumbled Yorkshire blue. This was an exciting meal for me, because I had my first ever omelette in a cafe - being allergic to egg yolk, I always felt bad about the extra work that would go into whipping up an omelette for me. However, Tamper Coffee actually offered to take out the yolks for me this time round, so of course I had to go for it!

They also have many drinks to choose from. Being in England, I of course had to choose tea. My friend, who lives in England, opted for their cold brew coffee, which I unfortunately forgot to take a photo of - we can attest for the quality though!

To sum up a great cafe visit, Tamper Coffee at Sellers Wheel was without a doubt one of the best cafes I had the pleasure of visiting during my stay in the UK. The staff were really friendly and helpful, the food and drinks were amazing, and the great ambience of the place was just the cherry on top of the cake. For those of you, like me, who are only just visiting, you can take home a piece of Tamper Coffee by purchasing some of the coffee beans they have for sale. Hopefully they will keep you going until your next visit! Toodles, Tamper Coffee - hope to see you again next time I'm in the UK.

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