Surfing in Newquay

Surfing in Newquay


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There's no doubt about it, surfing is cool! Just look at world champion Kelly Slater, not only is he a professional surfer but a professional "babe magnet." Over the years this sport has calved out a sub culture with its own language, style and fashion. Surfing is great, as it combines fresh air, exercise and outdoor fun. And you never know, some of the Kelly Slater coolness could rub off on you and turn you into a beach god babe magnet. You may have kids who now think of you as quite old and boring, just imagine how pleasantly surprised they would be if they saw you strutting across the sand, surfboard in hand and then riding the waves with the wind blowing through your hair? So it seems, surfing is the answer!

But alas, we are far from Australia, South Africa, Hawaii and Bali, home to the best waves and surfing beaches. You may agree that when thinking of all the best surfing spots in the world, somewhere in the rainy land of the Britain would not automatically spring to mind. But you'll be happy to know that British surfing has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few decades. If you're brave or crazy enough to face the cold waters of the sea's surrounding this small island, then the surf spot gems you'll find here may surprise you.

Cornwall is the area that most people associate with English surfing with Fiscal Beach in Newquay being the most well known spot. Surfing is king in Newquay with locals and tourist alike. During surfing season, from autumn to spring, you'll find an abundance of quality swell. Unfortunately this is also the coldest time of year here in England so remember to bring along your wetsuit (a 5mm in winter is best) because boy oh boy does the water feel cold. Summer has much smaller swell so this is a good time to learn to surf if you're a beginner.

Lining the streets of Newquay, there are many surf shops and surf hire shops to get you all kitted out and ready to ride the waves. For anyone wishing to learn to surf or develop their surfing skills, there are a variety of surfing schools with trained surfing instructors who will help you become the talented surfer you wish to be.

They say riding one wave can change your life, why not try it out and the experience it for yourself?

If surfing is just not your thing, then relaxing on the beautiful beaches in Newquay and watching the surfers do their thing can be just as enjoyable. I don't know about you but I'm always happier when I'm by the sea. There's something about being by the ocean that soothes the soul, puts your mind at rest and makes all life's problem seem to drift swiftly away. Having the water roll over your feet and hearing the waves crashing against the shore is so peaceful and seems a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Life doesn't get much better than that!

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