Superfood Summer 2013

Superfood Summer 2013


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Thu 06 Jun 2013 - Thu 19 Sep 2013

Since 1673, The Chelsea Physic Garden has been dedicated to studying the medicinal properties of plants. Founded by the Society of Apothecaries, it is the second oldest botanic garden in England, and has a rich food history. When pioneers reached out to the New World, they brought back them wonderfully bizarre foods like the all mighty potato and raging red tomato. Food like this was introduced to the physic garden, and throughly analysed. Centuries down the line, wartime meant crop research of significant importance, and contributed to the discovery of rhubarb forcing.

Study of plants has increased our knowledge of medicine and health, and this summer, the Chelsea Physic Garden want to share that knowledge with their Superfoods exhibition. The vegetable patch will be filled with exotic delights such as carob, coconut, quinoa as well as common but nutritional British staples like beetroot, apple, and kale.

Walks, talks, and workshops will demystify promotional supermarket myths about so-called health foods, teach you about different plants' medicinal uses, and give demonstrations on how to grow your own.

I know my dad will go goggle-eyed over the huge pomegranates and ginormous grapefruit, but I don't think he'll be impressed by the UK's largest olive tree (since he doesn't like olives - the smaller the better in his opinion).

Special events to look out for are #behindthescenes ">Behind the Scene Tours and James Wong's #jameswong ">Homegrown Revolution talk, followed by an edible field trip round the garden. Find out how to cure your #herbalismwinter ">Winter Ills , learn how to improve the quality of your soil at the #composting ">Compost Clinic or take a course in garden photography or beekeeping.

Superfoods Summer lasts until the 21st November with admission prices at £9 for adults and £6 for children. Special events range from £20-£95 and need to be booked.

If you vist between 1st-31st August, you can also take a look at the Botanical Art Exhibition and see the work of artist from the Florilegium Society in Treasures from The Hidden Garden.

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