Supercar Driving Experience

Supercar Driving Experience


Posted 2014-10-01 by Connor Whelanfollow
When was the last time you hopped in a Lamborghini and drove it around before jumping straight into a Ferrari and doing the same? If you are anything like me then the answer is never, however, if your answer is last Tuesday then I would say theres no point carrying on reading this article because you can probably afford to get Jeeves to pull both up from the 15 car garage and take them for a spin.

As much as I'd like to pretend driving cars like this is a part of my every day lifestyle, it really isn't. Fortunately through a very generous gift from a friend I was able to partake in an afternoon of pretending I was in my own spy movie. Admittedly, James Bond never had to test his skills by weaving in and out of cones on an airfield before flooring it on the straight and getting the cars up to what I can safely and legally say was never more than 70mph, but the experience is still one that is well worth doing.

After signing in at the front desk you are faced with the only task of the day that's harder than trying to not stall the car in front of all of the good looking girls that have gathered to watch. You have to pick the car, or in my case cars, that you want to drive. You have a selection of about ten or so including the two already mentioned, an Aston Martin, a Lotus, an Atom and a Porsche amongst others. As someone who is now experienced, I can safely say that they will all outperform a Peugeot 206. If that doesn't sell it nothing will.

You pick the number of laps you wish to do when you book the experience in and after that it is simply a case of waiting for your name to be called whilst watching all of the other people that are doing the experience drive around the track. It is at this point you will go one of two ways. You will develop a sense of confidence that is bordering on arrogance thinking "What is that muppet doing going that slowly, I'd do so much better than that," or you will start to think "Ohhh good god. I've got to drive a £150,000 car. Please don't let me break it or myself." Whatever path you take, any nerves or arrogance will be knocked out of you when the instructors put you at ease in the car, gently reminding you to break when you're 99% sure you've nailed the racing line.

Overall it is something that is fully recommended. Anyone with the need for speed needs to experience this at least once in their life. If I can look cool in a convertible then anyone can so get yourself signed up and give it a go. You don't even need a license to do so so even if you're too young to drive this is a great place to go to get some extreme practice!

The experience can be found at North Weald airfield in Essex or at a selection of other locations around the country.

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