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Sumo San


Posted 2016-10-16 by Chloe Settlefollow
Having recently changed my diet so that I don't eat meat or fish, this is going to be painful to write. My mouth is watering already. might just be Sheffield's top sushi restaurant. For those of you that think sushi is alien food fallen from Mars, I can assure you this place will erase that idea forever.

The restaurant itself is located near the train station. It's softly lit, with dark minimalist d├ęcor. There are hanging Japanese lanterns and a tasteful, colourfully lit bar. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere because it gives you a little more privacy and nobody has to watch your embarrassing chopstick technique. The waiting staff are delightful and extremely professional. The last time I visited, one of the ladies escorted me to the door as I left. It's small details like that which makes so impressive.

As for the food, it cannot be faulted. The menu displays creative names for each type of sushi, such as 'dancing spider maki' and 'volcano maki', along with bright photographs so you can see what you're getting. The prices are very reasonable for such high quality food. If you really aren't a fan of fish, there are vegetable options which taste super fresh. There are also skewers of chicken, beef, mushrooms and noodle dishes, amongst several other things.

On my visit, the 'sumo dragon roll' caught my eye and it was ordered within minutes. The service was superb and the dish was brought out to us by the chef. It was simply presented on a piece of wood, looked delectable and was understandably gone very quickly. I think we may have ordered too many dishes after enjoying that one so much. Let's just say, the salmon sashimi was incredible.

One very enjoyable aspect of Japanese dining is that it doesn't all arrive on one plate in a huge portion. So though we may have gotten slightly carried away, we were perfectly sated once leaving the restaurant. It was a lovely feeling, compared to that feeling you get when you've gone for a Sunday carvery and are incapable of moving afterwards. Not good. There are little pots on your table, containing ingredients that you can add to sushi. This made for good conversation between dishes and resulted in daring one another to eat a lump of wasabi (a paste that tastes mustardy). Sophisticated.

I wholeheartedly recommend if you are a huge fan of Japanese food, or if you're looking for something a bit different from your go-to list of restaurants. If it's too far for you to go, they also deliver and can be found on 'Just Eat'. I am guilty as sin for ordering from them on Just Eat and would only recommend that to people who can control themselves. You've been warned.

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