Street Feast Model Market: Lewisham

Street Feast Model Market: Lewisham


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Fri 17 Apr 2015 - Fri 25 Sep 2015

The Street Feast Model market is real good. That's the only way to describe it. Real good and real cool.

Model Market has been brought to Lewisham, the first of its kind in this part of the South East, by the Street Feast organisers, who offer the same in Dalston, Shoreditch and at Hawker House.

It really is the first kind of British street food event in Lewisham and it brings a hungry, curious and fun crowd. It's free before 7pm, but only £3 thereafter. After going in a fine-knit cardigan and thin jacket, at this time of year I recommend wearing something warm because there is a queue.

This was the first instalment of the year and there was clearly already a following. We had to wait for 15 minutes before we entered, but it with the lively crowd and music as well as scent of cooking food wafting over, we were happy to wait.

There are a number of traders which are there each week, but it's partial to change, making it a fun culinary experience for devotees who make it each week and the uninitiated.

The music is an easy mix of TheSoundYouNeed, the XXYY and tunes of that nature. Think of relaxed rooftop, summer music.

Some of the traders include and Mother Flipper , SmokeStak and Mama's Jerk Station . I've tried Mama Jerk's food before, so I knew where I was headed, but there are so many delicious options on offer that I couldn't help but be distracted, if only momentarily.

From what I could see the portions elsewhere were generous and the patties, stacked high between the brioche as well as steamed buns, were as colourful as they were intriguing.

The whole vibe is a calm kind of lively, yet relaxed and easy. Everyone is there to enjoy good food, drink plenty and let the weekend begin.

Alcoholic drinks are slightly pricier than what you might pay in a bar, but it's worth it for the atmosphere. I had the ice tea from SE Cakery. It was refreshing and fruity without being sweet.

With signs like 'come on in sugartits' at the Meringue Girls stall, Model Market is an organic, grimy, yet wonderful place that is well and truly a London gem. You won't find this type of real experience elsewhere, with its mix of locals and clearly those who'd travelled for this first instalment of the spring to early autumn run of the Street Feast fun.

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