Where is the Best Place to Store Your Bags in London

Where is the Best Place to Store Your Bags in London


Posted 2018-02-28 by Thom Sfollow

You've landed at Heathrow or Gatwick, but you can't check in to your hotel or Airbnb for several hours. It's a great time to go explore the city, but what do you do when you've got several bags in tow? We want to know your tips for storing your bags around London? Have you found a great solution that works every time? Or have you found yourself in a similarly tricky situation before. Here are a few suggestions, but we want to know what you've tried, what worked, and what really didn't.

London's railway stations generally have luggage storage facilities. They're usually run by private companies, and you'll pay more based on how many bags you have. The handy thing is that you can catch a train from Heathrow and drop your bags as soon as you disembark. Fees vary, and they're always changing, but you're likely looking at about £10 per bag.

Another popular tip is to just head somewhere like the Tate , where you can store your bags in their cloakroom. It's a free service and it gives you plenty of time to explore the galleries. While there's no strict time limit, this obviously isn't the best option if you're planning on exploring the rest of the city while you wait. You can leave your bags there, but you might find they're not to happy when they realise you've just been using the cloakroom as a free luggage service.

Newer companies have discovered a gap in the market, and companies like BAGBNB , Citystasher or NannyBag connect with businesses around the city to safely store your bags while you explore. They're usually cheaper than the railway stations (about £5 per bag, per day), and they have locations spread out all over the city. Just make sure you do your research beforehand. It's easy for companies to just pop up on the internet, and you want to make sure if you're booking somewhere to pop you're things that they'll be safe and secure while you explore.

Have you tried any of the above options? Have other tips for storing your luggage in London? Let us know any tips and tricks to make that awkward time between landing and check in a little bit easier.

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