The Stone Roses Bar

The Stone Roses Bar


Posted 2013-01-13 by Ella Hfollow
I was introduced to The Stone Roses bar by a friend and die-hard fan of the band on a recent night out. This particular friend was born too late, and really would belong in the Brit Pop era. For this reason, The Stone Roses bar was his nirvana. It was an incredible night for the rest of the group too, as none of us are the typical clubbing kind, and this bar is the best find we have ever made.

Drink prices are fairly reasonable, but just be careful of ordering beer such as San Miguel (I hadn't had a pint that expensive since I made a trip to London). Opt instead for a bottle of Carlsburg, which comes to £2. Shots also start at £1.50. It was on this night that I was also introduced to passoa and lemonade by a rather amazing girlfriend of mine, and these come at £3.50 at Stone Roses. 'Bomb' drinks, such as Jaeger bombs and Fizz bombs, all come at £2.50 and are a great kick of caffeine and alcohol to get you in the party spirit.

We began the night at 10pm, sitting and catching up as a group, but as the bar livened up, so did the dance floor. We were joined by a group of drunken Oasis fans and a lone man shaking a tambourine... We danced and sang along to James, Blur, The Cure and Oasis, truly enjoying being alive and young.

The Stone Roses bar is a wonderful change for somebody who is tired, or uninterested in the regular, crowded clubs, which play the same sleazy, popular hits. The decor harks back to the 1990's, which, even in those such as me, (I was only a young child during the decade) causes wonderful nostalgia.

Time flies in The Stone Roses bar. In a lot of nightclubs, I tend to check the time and long for fresh air, but my night in this bar was completely different. Before I knew it, it was time to head home, and I longed to stay. We all agreed that we would be heading there as soon as our busy university schedules would allow.

You will not be disappointed by The Stone Roses bar. In fact, if you don't leave wanting to return soon, I doubt you have a soul.

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