Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle


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A visit to Stirling castle takes you inside one of Scotland's most famous castles. In its heyday, it was once a grand place to visit and has recently been through a major restoration with some work still ongoing. They're slowly bringing it back to its former glory.

It was once the preferred residence of the Stewart Kings and Queens.

Built on top of Castle Hill, it would have been the perfect place to construct an easily defendable fort. Evidence shows that there has been a building here from at least the 12th century and possibly earlier. The main buildings you see today were built between 1490 and 1600, with additional buildings being added from 1800 when the war office owned the castle.

Over the years, usage of the buildings has changed with several of them having been altered during this time. Still, now many parts of the building have been restored to their former glory, allowing visitors to get a feeling as to how special it would have been for the Kings and Queens who lived here. Restoration work continues with new rooms and displays are being opened up to the public.

There is enough to see and do here to make it a good day trip, with a range of different displays to keep adults and children entertained. Our favourite exhibit was the kitchens, which were both interesting and entertaining.

They have a large display with information and artefacts on the top floor of one of the buildings, which does have lift access but many parts of the building require you to go up and down old staircases.

There's a large café that serves a range of hot food and snacks with indoor and outdoor seating, though you probably wouldn't want to sit outdoors unless it's in the middle of summer and even then, you may need a jacket with the ever-changing Scottish weather.

You can see a picture of it on the back of a 20GBP banknote that's issued by the Clydesdale Bank. Many people try to visit the location that it was taken.

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