ST: TNG - Best of Both Worlds Screening

ST: TNG - Best of Both Worlds Screening


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Thu 25 Apr 2013

'I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward you will service us.'

When these chilling words were spoken by the former captain of the Starship Enterprise D, it secured The Next Generation's place in the Star Trek franchise. Up until season three, Star Trek: The Next Generation was still finding its space legs. Loyal fans of the original series were still adamant that there could only be one captain of the Enterprise: James T. Kirk.

But the series three cliffhanger, The Best of Both Worlds Part 1, which first aired on the 18th June 1990, changed all that. No longer was The Next Generation living in the shadow of parent show, it now had a loyal fan base of its own.

When the Borg, the Federation's most dangerous enemy, launch an invasion, all seems lost. Not even the mighty Enterprise can appear to stop them. Things go from bad to worse when Captain Picard is captured and assimilated. He is transformed into Locutus, and mechanical monster determined to assimilate humanity into the Borg collective.

Fans had to wait an agonising three months to find out what happened in season four. How would Earth survive? What would happen to Picard? Of course, the world was saved - it would be a bit silly killing everyone off just when the show is becoming popular - and with it, the future of Star Trek secured. To this day, The Best of Both Worlds remains a fan favourite, which is why it is the episode of choice when it comes to a film screening.

Okay, technically it is not a film, but play the two episodes back-to-back and it is the length of a film, and the drama and visual effects definitely are cinematic quality. The Best of Both Worlds was just made for the big screen, and it makes you wonder what took them so long. Maybe they were just waiting for the HD revolution, because now the two-parter has been digitally restored, you will be able to see it in stunning high definition with complete surround sound.

The Best of Both Worlds will be screened nationwide across the US for one night only at 7pm (local time) on Thursday 25th April 2013 and is something no fan is going to want to miss. For the first time ever, it will be shown as a full length presentation, with no breaks between the two parts, meaning seamless storytelling, continuous action, and no 'to be continued...' message half way through. There will also be a special featurette documentary, Regeneration: Engaging the Borg. Tickets are £6.47 USD.

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