St Columb's Park

St Columb's Park


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This tranquil public park has a rich history, and boasts an impressive chunk of land at the banks of the River Foyle.

Many find peace and quiet in this serene location away from the busy city centre which lies just across the water. However, two modern play parks fill up with children during the summer months in the heart of the park. Around them on the acres of green grass, many parents relax in the sun, meanwhile several others also use the outskirts of the park to soak up the rays.

If relaxing isn't the plan of action, the popular tennis court always is always filled with action, with the local tennis club using the facility to produce future champions.

Runners find the area the perfect place to stretch their legs after a tough day of work on a warm summer evening, while many dogs can't get enough of the endless blades of grass and sticks in sight.

Additionally, the ruins of a small church from many centuries ago can be found in the park, which was rebuilt by the bishop of the city at the time way back in 1585.

A somewhat abandoned football pitch has almost withered away at the back of the park as the paths draw closer to the river, with the large concrete steps leading to the pitch an emotional reminder of the many fans who used to be there watching the games.

A babbling river meanders through the tall trees throughout the entirety of the park. It's rapidly flowing water speeds into the lough in the distance, reminding peaceful passers by of it's dangerous presence.

The picnic rugs splayed across the grass slowly disappear as the darkness of the night moves in, yet many still find tranquility walking through the well-lit pathways that crawl through the trees. An ominous environment is soon rushed away as the cyclists speed past with their flashing lights.

The park truly is a remarkable place, situated in the most romantic of settings with incomparable views of the city of Derry. A sunset in the summer generates an even more beautiful experience in the most relaxed of settings.

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