Spring Bank Farm

Spring Bank Farm


Posted 2017-09-02 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
So, if you've been reading my latest reviews, you will know by now that I have just spent a delightfully satisfying week in the Lake district in Cumbria, UK.

Springbank farm lodge was where we stayed. Actually, even if we had just stayed in for the whole week, instead of doing the touristy things like visiting the Lakes (Lake district, after all!) we still would have had had a lovely holiday! The pictures below taken from our cottage porch are kind of self-explanatory!

This is what we woke up to every morning. Or rather were woken up by the cock crowing (yes, a real one and not the mobile alarm that does a 'realistic' impression!). Morning routine then used to commence with the kids going out to check the nesting boxes for freshly laid eggs, feeding Duke and Florence, the resident donkeys with carrots and then breakfasting on the said eggs and toast.

The farm is a family run one and the owners- the Woodmans practise a very relaxed style of doing things which I really appreciated. Made of pine, the lodges are on site itself and one can happily pass time looking at the stunning views reaching as far as the Isle of Man on a clear day. Each lodge is self-catering and has a lovely master bedroom with ensuite, a second bedroom which the girls bagged, a wet room and of course a drawing room replete with electric fire, recliner and a collection of some lovely books. I really was torn every day between wanting to spend time on the farm itself and going to see the real stuff- lakes, mountains et al!

On the flip side, if you can call it that, this place is technically outside the lake district and so it is a long drive to reach the more well-known lakes like Windermere and the famous market town of Keswick. However, having said that, the drive itself has some really amazing views (whether you choose to go by the longer and recommended route, or the more adventurous single track fell road. (Fell here being an old Norse word for a barren mountain range. That's certainly been a word added to my vocabulary there !)

Would I exchange my London life for this? I asked this of myself more than once during our stay. I'll say that it suits me fine for a short spell but I just don't think I am cut out to really live there. I guess that's what big cities really do to you isn't it - one moans about the cost of living in those concrete jungles, the pollution, the lack of green space ... but one still somehow ends up liking it - warts and all!

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