Sports Bar & Grill, Waterloo Station

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Posted 2013-01-26 by Ian Marshallfollow
Last time I was in Waterloo station they didn't even have the mezzanine 1st floor so when I arranged to meet some friends here I was quite surprised to walk along past all the shops and then find this place at the end.

The sign isn't all that obvious, I saw a small chalk board reading Bar & Grill and had to surmise the sport part from the copious number of televisions showing an assortment of football games. (Although I did later notice the sign above the main door).

This is a chain which also has branches at Victoria, Farringdon and Marylebone, so covering the bases in an alternative monopoly style.

Inside it is all stripped back brickwork and ventilation pipes and TV screens with a large bar area in the middle and tables spread around. It was very full when we arrived around 7 on a Thursday night.

They have a variety of lagers available and a couple of ales. I tried the EPA which is a bit lighter than I prefer but very drinkable and I also tried the Best Bitter which tasted very metallic and not very nice. I don't think it was off but I didn't finish that one...

They have quite a large menu of pub grub and a special selection of "BeerDogs", various different classic American Hot Dogs such as the Oklahoma Dog, Louisiana Dog and Acapulco Dog.

We went for burgers. To be honest they were nothing special, the Lamb burger was a bit greasy and the beef a bit overcooked and gristly. The onion rings were pretty good though.

Overall, this isn't a bad place to meet, watch the football and maybe have a pint before getting a train but it won't become a regular hang out.

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