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Have you ever tried to lose weight by sheer willpower? "I'm not going to eat that chocolate biscuit." A few minutes later "No, I'm not." Five minutes later, you've eaten half the packet! Willpower doesn't work when you are starting out on changing a habit, you need to wean yourself into new habits - slow and steady is the pace. Creating new habits is a journey and it's exciting, you don't have to stay the same - you are the creator of your own reality. If you find Master Procrastination stands in the way, you will need to move it off your path completely so you can start to take the first step and this is always easier when you have help.

This is where I found the 6 week online program #SpiritBodyMovement helped me move procrastination out of the way and start me on the path to a fitter, healthier me. Skye Sante created this program to change the way we think about how we lose weight and to realise that will power and diets shouldn't be strict modifiers on how you will achieve your weight goal. Skye has been overweight and found a lifestyle change to lose and manage her weight. "Very often, when someone is not getting the results they want there is a strong subconscious element." Says Skye. "It sounds like it would be complicated but in fact, there is a very simple way to realign our deepest needs with the results we consciously desire. It's a new age approach that recognises that the mind, body and spirit are equally as important in eliminating binge eating forever and getting the exact results you want."

I'm impressed with anyone who has been able to conquer weight loss and also intrigued as to "how" they did it. Now you can achieve this too by receiving the information on the "how" from someone who has done it, which will be a change for life and not a quick fix!

The #SpiritBodyMovement program is a 6-week online course (expiring 8 weeks from your start date) making it easy to access any time and anywhere that suits you. Leaving no excuses or procrastination about whether you have time to start it. All you need is a computer, access to the internet, headphones and 20-30 minutes per topic. The program covers 6 topics containing video content and tasks to complete, these are easy and fun, so don't be daunted and 6 audio tracks to guide you through self-hypnosis. I found these tracks beneficial and very relaxing. It's best to complete this course somewhere quiet and without distraction. You can also redo at any time for the duration of the course and listen to the hypnosis track as many times as you like because you can download them to keep. Skye is a qualified Hypnotherapist.

By engaging with the program and completing the tasks, you will see yourself in your current reality and be able to take step towards creating your new one. You will also understand some reasons why overeating and excess weight are holding you hostage in your own body. Emotions, trauma and health issues can be large at play along with not knowing what good food to eat or having time to prepare healthy meals. You can create nutritious, healthy meals, even with limited time and Skye will show you how to achieve this. Skye is a qualified Nutritionist.

If you've tried dieting and willpower to no avail, I recommend this course, it has been designed by someone who has conquered her own weight battles. You will discover the reasons for weight gain and find a better way to meet all your needs.

This course can be started at any time, all year round. The cost is $399 with an offer of $129 when joining the program within 7 days.

"What you choose to eat can go a long way to maintaining and healing your health. You and your body are in this life together for better or worse." Skye Sante

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