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Soho Kitchen and Bar


Posted 2015-03-01 by Tammy Faceyfollow
I wasn't impressed when I first heard of this place. My friend said we were meeting our friends here; they'd suggested it and I couldn't understand why.

The menu sounded distinctly average; it was small and it failed to impress. Hotdogs, eggs benedict, royale, cauliflower cheese and burgers. I wasn't excited about dinner, but meeting the girls was something I was looking forward to, so I bit my tongue and thought I'd just grin and bear it.

Oh how wrong I was. Soho Kitchen was absolutely rammed when we arrived. Lively, loud and with lovely staff to boot, I was sucker-punched.

Our waitress was funny, attentive and didn't ask us to repeat our orders over the noise. She was witty, quick and discussed the details of each meal. I was impressed.

My dish of eggs royale was the best I've ever eaten. Instead of traditional hollandaise sauce, it was a mix of classic hollandaise with mornay cheese, reminiscent of eggs florentine. The unexpected French twist on what I know to be eggs royale, was much appreciated.

Now I hadn't expected much of the other dishes, but when the deep ceramic dish of cauliflower cheese turned up, we were all taken away. It was a deep bowl of bacon, cheesy and spinach. My friend, who was hungry couldn't finish it and that's a sign of a good meal in my eyes.

We also ordered a plate of nachos to share. When they arrived, I ended up too full from my meal, but they were phenomenal. My friend couldn't put them down. She inhaled them, not to mention her own meal. I shared the Caesar salad with my friend, which was served and seasoned perfectly.

And my friend who doesn't normally eat a lot of food, wolfed down her burger like is was her last meal, it was huge as well.

If I'm honest, the only setback, if you could call it that, was the noise: it's not a quiet venue. But it's perfect for an after work, kick back and relax kind of evening. It's definitely a cocktail, unusual ale and snack food bar, as well as fantastic kitchen. It was busy, but I could also see it being underrated.

This place is an on-trend diner-come-kitchen and bar, that serves generous portions at non-scary prices, Soho Kitchen is brilliant.

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