Pump House Gallery Social Sundays

Pump House Gallery Social Sundays


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Sun 16 Feb 2014 - Sun 30 Mar 2014

Sundays are lazy days, where you can get up late and not worry about having to do anything. But sometimes lazy days turn into boring days. I mean doing nothing is not very stimulating is it? And if you have kids, then doing nothing is just asking for trouble (whining and a wrecked house being high up on the list).

So instead of a lazy day, why not just have a lazy morning? Have a lay in, but go out in the afternoon and spend some family time together.

The Pump House Gallery runs weekly Sunday Socials , which are a series of free drop in workshops suitable for all ages. The workshops are from 12pm - 4pm every Sunday, and are fun, engaging, varied, and a bit different from some of the standard activities you get elsewhere.

For example, on the 16th February you can take part in an epic project called Unravel . Unravel aims to 'break down the process of filmmaking' by allowing audiences to become the filmmakers.

In response to their current exhibition, At Home , by Hetain Petal, the project intends to create the world's longest film (sixteen hours) using a technique call 'rotoscoping'. This involves tracing an animation over already created film footage. And the best part? They want the members of the public to be the creators. Unravel will be touring the country, getting everyone around Britain to participate. After you have created your section of the film, there will be a screening of what you have just created.

The following Sunday on the 23rd February, you can join Join Eleanor Shipman to explore collage making and illustrative techniques. You will use what you have learnt to draw your own self portrait. But this isn't just any self portrait. Who am I? Invites you to draw a symbolic animal representation of yourself.

On the 2nd March, Word of Mouth explores art and language through the spoken word, while on the 9th you can make your own comic book style henna tattoos .

Become a superhero on the 16th March, when illustrator, Amy Pennington helps you turn into who you always wanted to be . Using a stop motion programme, you will be able to create mini animation of yourself as a superhero. Then on the 23rd March, you can become a paintbrush. In Body Narratives you will learn how to create drawings by moving your body in different ways.

The last event scheduled so far is on the 30th March, and is about our Mother Tongue . The typography workshop will get you cutting, pasting, writing favourite family or cultural sayings to create various artworks.

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