Snowdon Mountain

Snowdon Mountain


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With the grey UK skies decidedly becoming darker, it's time to tread along the unknown path. Why not challenge yourself to a feat which will leave you with a literal high? Before winter sets in, now would be a good time to head towards Snowdon Mountains in Snowdonia, Wales. Standing mighty tall at 1,085 meters, it was the training ground for the legendary Edmund Hillary. But don't let that daunt you because Snowdon is also the friendliest mountain for the novice mountaineer.

There are six main routes to the summit of Snowdon- the Watkins Path, the Llanberis Path, Pyg track, Miner's track, Snowdon Ranger track and the Beddegelert Path. The Llanberis Path is the best path if you are an amateur. This 5 mile walk runs parallel to the rail track and gives you fetching views of the mountains, the village and the train which whizzes up and down the mountains.

The walk follows a parallel path to the railway line and there is a left hand turn that steadily rises up to Halfway House--a lovely dilapidated house with a rustic charm to it. Now begins the harder part of the climb. But fret not you will be kept happy by frozen lakes, the most beautiful being Llyn Du'r Arddu.

With each passing stretch the lovely village of Snowdon seems like a mere dot. The harmony of bluish-white Mountains is beautifully broken by glistening, icy lakes and the mountain train which takes you through the range.

Snowdonia has its fair share of legends. Its Welsh name Yr Wyddfa means burial place and legend has it that the cairn at the top is the grave of Rhita Fawr, a particularly fierce giant who had a cloak made out of the beards of all the kings he'd killed. As you go closer, the gentle U of the Snowdon Mountains stare right at you, the "U" was formed because of glaciers that were in the area some 18,000 years ago.

As you near the summit, it becomes decidedly difficult but don't give up. Trudge along and you will reach a cairn, this is your destination. If you are lucky you might get good views of UK but if not you won't be able to even see your hand. Whichever way, pat yourself, you have scaled highest point of British Isles.

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