Smokestack Bar & Club

Smokestack Bar & Club


Posted 2012-11-23 by Hannah Conwayfollow
Smokestack: The Music Behind the Door.

It was by chance that I first discovered the wonders of Smokestack, situated unassumingly just steps away from Space and Mook. Smokestack's slender door appears modest, but the beat of the music which dances down its staircase lures you in and offers you so much more.

As you ascend the stairs with a childlike wonderment into the unknown, you can hear the sound of people revelling in the ambience of this hidden gem, hidden behind humble wooden doors. As you enter you are greeted by dimmed lighting, the booths standing out against the bare brick with looms over the groups enjoying the wide range of cocktails and drinks. The atmosphere here is relaxed, yet vibrant with laughter and voices bouncing around the room. At the bar you can enjoy the attention of the experienced and talented bar staff, whose drink preparations and service seem effortless and in time with the smooth sounds of soul, blues and jazz.

After a few exquisite mojitos, you are ready to wander from the laid-back atmosphere of the first floor and allow yourself to be carried up the stairs by the sound of funk and jazz echoing down the stairs, to the atmospheric level that is called no other than 'The Roost'. As you enter this attic space you find the dance floor to your left, filled to capacity on a Saturday night, yet if you were to find yourself frequenting at Smokestack on a Thursday you would discover the rhythmic sensual tones of Latin guiding the more spicy dancer, or someone like myself who feels that their dancing talents improve with each drink, the strange looks on people's faces are just because they are so amazed by your aptitude for vibrant dance.

Just like the motto on their website 'Music for both ears' implies, the extensive array of music that you are presented with at Smokestack is so wide-ranging and varied that there is something for everyone's tastes, and provides an essential education to any funk, soul, blues, jazz, Latin and reggae virgin. If you looking for an unique and memorable experience, that will keep you coming back for more, with some of the best music in the city when you want to escape the repetitive drum of club music, you should be planning your first trip to Smokestack now.

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