Skylon Bar & Restaurant

Skylon Bar & Restaurant


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, in Southbank centre, on the South Bank part of the Thames, provides a glorious view of the river, not to mention a fine section of cheese, desserts, fresh calamari and, cocktails!

I visited Skylon, on a random Wednesday evening, when my sister was visiting. We decided on a night out with our friend who lives in Stratford, so coming from the South East we decided on somewhere in the middle and Southbank was just that.

We'd Googled where looked 'good' prior to arriving at the centre because we're all new to London, but the reviews didn't do it justice. Skylon is nice. And I mean swanky, after-work drinks with the financial crowd. It's just the kind of venue we were looking for.

With mood lighting, low, but smooth music. plenty of glass and an island bar in the middle of the bar half of the restaurant, it was perfect.

Skylon seems to be the place for intimate drinks with your friends after a day at the office. To the left of the bar is the glass wall which looks out on to the Thames. The low, couple-seats which line the glass wall make it a perfect viewing spot for people watching, or as somewhere to enjoy the scenery.

We decided on the more intimate seating, with the leather backed seat booth-like seats on one side of the table, and chairs.

Behind us was the restaurant, but we weren't hungry and we just wanted a few snacks to share.

Speaking of which, we decided on the calamari to start with. It has a nice kick to it and was the perfect size for the three of us.

We also ordered the cheese board. Our fantastic waiter said they would bring over the whole cheese trolley, but we didn't think it necessary. Instead, we told him the kind of cheese we all liked and he presented us with an array of five, cheese biscuits and walnuts.

In a venue of this calibre, cheese only goes down well with a tipple or two and our waiter was more than knowledgeable about the menu. My friend merely said she likes long, sweet, fruity drinks and he immediately recommended the cocktail with Cote du Rhone. I was dubious, but my friend loved her drink.

Being teetotal, I ordered the rose tea. Oh my goodness this was fantastic. It was a teapot of rose buds and it was like drinking Turkish delight. My tea was served with demerrera sugar and two mini macaroons, it was lovely.

After catching up and filling each other in on our schedules, plans, and drinking until we were merry, we decided we'd like to try the dessert menu. Like I've said previously, we weren't hungry, but dessert looked good, so we ordered the cheesecake with three spoons.

Let me say this, the cheesecake was a grand decision. It was like a caramel shortcake slice, but in cheesecake form. It was wonderful, just Skylon.

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