Shoreditch Graffiti

Shoreditch Graffiti


Posted 2021-08-30 by Mike Whytefollow

Here's something you can do in Shoreditch that surprisingly won't cost you the earth - in fact, it won't actually cost you anything. Shoreditch has an abundance of artwork that is free and easy to access and you don't need to step foot in a gallery, or fork out for expensive exhibitions - it's all over the walls in front of you.

Harking back to a time when the area was full of artists, the walls are literally full of images, some of which could be as good as anything you see on the walls of Tate Modern. Take a stroll down Brick Lane, along Shoreditch High Street, and especially in the streets in and around Fashion Street and you will see work of all different scales, quality and colour. Some of my favourites are the images and sculptures you can find along the wall near Shoreditch High Street Overground Station, and the amazing arch that runs away from it.

Though not all may like the work around here - there are amazing artists to be found, some of which use, and have used this area as a proofing ground for their artistic visions before going on to bigger and better things. In fact, should you take a walk around Rivington Street, you will find a couple of works by none other than Banksy, probably the most famous exponent of the genre. Great Eastern Street is also rightly famous for its tube carriages atop containers on the roof of the Village Underground venue - the billboards on either side of the road are used as temporary gallery spaces, and often house very artistic graffiti (and commercial) images.

My favourite though is probably the amazing pieces of work which adorn the wall near the entrance to the Village Underground venue itself. This place acts as a giant canvas (literally the whole side wall of the building), and shows just one image, which changes every couple of months. I have never seen anything less than special there.

So make sure your phone is charged and camera lens is clean - this place is not camera-shy at all.

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