Shadows as Rumour & Notations - Max Wigram Gallery

Shadows as Rumour & Notations - Max Wigram Gallery


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Fri 17 May 2013 - Sat 13 Jul 2013

Up until the 13th July, you have the chance to see two solo exhibits in one. The Max Wigram Gallery is currently showcasing two very different artists, but when viewed together, compliment each other beautifully.

The Mexican artist, Jose Davila is interested in studying the cultural tropes of society by reflecting on modern architecture and urbanisation. The centrepiece of Davila's exhibit, Shadows and Rumours, is a large geometric sculpture that forms the infinity sign; it works in contrast with his wall displays, which tests our perceptive skills on both a conscious and unconscious level. Davila mutilates iconic images and sculptures by erasing the central subject. It is up to the viewer to filling in the gaps, using logic and memory as a guide.

It appears that Davila is trying to suggest that history always repeats itself, because while the artwork is disjointed, and missing vital pieces, we are able to fit those pieces together, and in the end come full circle.

Although the installations by Brazilian-born, Valeska Soares is very different in its outward appearance, the two exhibits do share similar concepts. Notations delves into the world of time and subjective memory through literature. Her first installation, Bindings, is made up of a collection antique book covers which have been geometrically designed, while Timeline I converts a set of thirty-one book pages into a swinging mobile, hung up by copper wire.

As a spectator, you will be able to read from each page of these books, all of which connote passages of time. Soares is asking you to make sense of these non-linear narratives, and in turn, form your own personal story out of previously constructed works.

Both artists focus on time and history, and their exhibits require you to fill in the missing gaps to create a coherent interpretation of partially disruptive truth. You become very much like a historian, studying unearthed artefacts, and putting them together to try and learn about events from the past.

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