Selfridges - All You Need to Know

Selfridges - All You Need to Know


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Founded over a hundred years ago by Harry Gordon Selfridge, Selfridges is the second largest shop in the UK after Harrods. Selfridges has attracted millions of customers and tourists since its opening, predominantly for its high end retail stores, but also its selection of food, wine, restaurants and bars.

My experiences at Selfridges has always been positive, and I often visit once a month or so for clothes shopping or to make use of the upstairs bar or restaurants with friends. There are hundreds of staff members working at Selfridges, each one responsible for a particular store (for example Ralph Lauren or Tom Ford). They have expert knowledge of the brand they're working for and can help you find your style, sizes to fit and give you general support in finding your desired garment. The sheer size of this super retail store is impressive, and it has become a major must-see attraction amongst tourists, and is admired by many. Eccentric and extravagant window displays of high-end brands are what constantly make Selfridges a hub for high end fashion and have earned them the title of luxury retail provider.

For those wanting a more relaxed shopping experience, why not try their wine samples downstairs in the 'cellar', found just adjacent to their item collection point. Here you and friends can get a Selfridges top-up card free of charge and add as much desired credit to it as you wish. Small wine samples can cost as little as £1, making it a great way to sample high-quality wines and spirits for a fraction of the price. Bars upstairs are also available, but expect a service charge and higher prices. This is a great alternative to enjoy the same drinks at a much cheaper expense.

Selfridges food hall is also a great way to indulge yourself with fantastic fresh groceries and luxury food items. Often when visiting, staff offer samples of some of these foods, so keep a look out for these to help you pick your favourites. Generally, items here are pricey but sale items, although rare, aren't unheard of in Selfridges, so keep a look out for these.

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