Seco Lounge Restaurant

Seco Lounge Restaurant


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Seco Lounge is the Southern branch of the Loungers group of cafes. Housed in Royal William Yard, which is Grade 1 Listed, the rather important, historical building, is the most visually stunning of the lounges I've visited.

Inside, a warmth envelops you, as the floor to ceiling windows (in the first room) allow a lot of sunshine in. Bathe in the suns glorious glow whilst you chow down, and you can take in the breathtaking view – the harbour is a mere 50 feet from the café.

As gorgeous as the first room was, it was full, so my friend and I decided to enjoy our breakfast in the second, equally large room. We both made a bee line for the large bench-like seat with huge pillows, which features in all of the lounges.

Seco Lounge has a very family-orientated, kids, (and puppies), welcome vibe. We spotted toddlers, babies (in provided high chairs), and children in chairs given pillows to help them reach the table. Equally handy, the tables aren't nailed to the floor, like in some places, so you can pull them closer/further away for comfortable eating.

The decor was simple, but beautiful. Scrubbed wooden floors, tables and mismatched chairs gave it a home-like quality, but the art-deco pieces like the lampshades, and large piano, with an ornate mirror on top, gave it the wow factor.

I know the menu pretty well in Loungers, and I went to the Lounge Eggs (£5.25). They always get my order just right, with my eggs poached how I like them - medium soft.

My friend ordered the same breakfast as I, but we also shared a stack of buttermilk pancakes (£5.95) which were served with a dollop of Greek yoghurt, a few blueberries, banana, and dusted with icing sugar. Admittedly we would have both liked more 'sauce', be it yoghurt, or honey, but we were too tired to get up to the bar and ask for more. Knowing the service in Loungers, I've no doubt they would have more than accommodated us.

Whilst we ordered bottled water (£1.70) - served in cool milk bottles - but there was a wait for my pot of loose leaf green tea (£2.10). I had to wait about 15 minutes, but when served, it was just what I needed to pep me up at 11:00am.

Overall, the food was delicious, but I knew it would be. What set this particular Seco Lounge apart from the others was the atmosphere. I felt like I was in another world of yummy mummies, happy fathers, and cool kids. Seco Lounge attracts all walks of life, from a guy who had long, blonde dreadlocks, to a cluster of young teenagers all with their iPhones out, and a happy couple who were sharing breakfast and giggling like school kids at the back of the room.

Prices are average, but for the quality of food and service, you'll really paying for a meal which can be enjoyed in a lush environment, and we were certainly getting comfortable. That said, the food and drink was just what we needed to set us up for the day.

Inviting, and a little bit wonderful, I couldn't have picked a better place for breakfast. Like the food, drink, and atmosphere, it was perfect.

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