Seacote Hotel, St Bees

Seacote Hotel, St Bees


Posted 2017-09-14 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
If you've read my other article about the coastal walk first, you will know that it ended in the Seacote Hotel...

...for a hearty lunch. Well, the walk was a first and so was this place. We'd seen it when we'd been to the beach a couple of times before that. It just seemed fitting when our walk began and ended at the beach, that we automatically gravitated here when we thought of something to eat.

Located just around a hundred metres from the sea, the patio seating commands a panoramic view. We, however, chose to sit inside as the weather had turned a bit chilly by then. The place looks a bit tired, both outside and inside. However, at the St Bees beachfront, one isn't exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to food, so this place, by sheer virtue of location probably gets a lot of casual clientele, we being a case in point.

Hubby and I ordered from the seafood options they had, while the girls went for some tempting names like farmhouse hens with fresh rolls, chicken wrapped in bacon etc. Oh, and before that, we shared a plate of prawn tempura as a starter. I attach pictures below.

Portion sizes were very generous, so that was definitely a plus. However, I am tempted to believe that the chefs played a little loose and fast with the menu (especially with our girls' orders). It was a bit of surprise to get them in the form of stews, which wasn't mentioned in the description at all (I am led to think it was a sudden invention by the chef on the day!). Our seafood dishes were spot on, though and I would grant them full marks for taste and value for money.

The staff did come around and ask us if we were enjoying our meal and were quite friendly. When it came to desserts, since our portions were so large, none of us felt like it. We thought we might try some other place in St. Bees village later (which we never ended up doing as we were so full still).

I understand that the Seacote is primarily a hotel more than a restaurant per se. It does weddings, corporate stays, weekend breaks etc. It certainly has the advantage of location - beachfront, remote place and so not many competitors and so on. I am not sure if we would choose this place again for just a meal. If there was an alternative, we might try that one. However, in case there isn't, we wouldn't mind going here again. It's that kind of place.

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