Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle


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Scotney castle is a beautiful piece of fourteenth century architecture, which is situated in a idyllic fairy tale setting. This romantic castle is on an island surrounded by a lake with an small bridge leading to the entrance. The castle is open to the public and you can also take a walk around the lake to admire the picturesque gardens and the traditional boat house. Don't forget to take your camera as the castle and lake are absolutely stunning.

Walking across the bridge to the castle you will immediately be blown away by the beauty of the building and the gardens that surround it. Take some time to walk around the gardens and view some of the historic ruins. From the gardens you should also be able to see the mansion on the hill.

As you approach the entrance of the castle you will see that there are stairs leading to a tiny door before you enter. The design of the exterior of this castle is like it is taken from a fairy tale or even Disney Land, which is why it is so popular for weddings. Inside the castle you will notice that it is completely empty and rather small, but as you make your way around and upstairs you can see the beautiful views that the people that once lived here had. The castle has many stories to tell from it history and there is even talk of a ghost that haunts the castle every night.

The Victorian country mansion on top of the hill was built to replace the Old Castle between 1835 and 1843 by Edward Hussey III. The sandstone bricks from the grounds of the Old Castle were used to build the house. The new castle has many stories to tell and the most recent is that of Lady Hussy, who lived here until she was 99 years old. When she passed away in 2006 the house was taken over by the national trust, who now offer fantastic tours and provide brilliant in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the house and its history. I strongly recommend that you take a tour around the mansion as it is very cheap and the guides are all volunteers, who are extremely friendly and are happy to answer any questions you may have. The guides are also keen to find out anything they were unsure of during the tour and are completely dedicated to their job. On the tour you will be shown around every room, each which have many stories to tell and that have remarkable luxury furnishings and decor.

If you are visiting in the warmer months of the year, I strongly recommend that you take a walk around the woodland areas. The woods and surrounding areas have many ideal spots for a picnic and are extremely scenic. You and your family can have a picnic whilst admiring the views and castle, so make sure you take some snacks with you. It is also worth visiting the vegetable garden if you are with children as this is where chickens and other animals are looked after.

If you are visiting during the winter months then there is also a tearoom serving delicious hot food and drinks. Close to this there is a shop selling local and hand-made produce along with a selection of souvenirs. The shop also regularly has activities for children, therefore it is advisable to have a check in there before you make your way around the grounds.

Overall, the fourteenth century castle's romantic fairy tale setting and picturesque gardens makes it the ideal place to visit with the family or for a romantic day out. The castle and mansion are immersed in countless amounts of history and are waiting to be explored.

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