Saturday Night Fever at The Alexandra, Birmingham - Review

Saturday Night Fever at The Alexandra, Birmingham - Review


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Tue 22 Nov 2022 - Sat 26 Nov 2022

The fashions and sounds of the late-1970s are currently on stage at Birmingham's Alexandra as Saturday Night Fever returned to the theatre for a five-night run that concludes on November 26.

The illusion of stepping back in time is completed by disco glitter balls, posters of Rocky and Farrah Fawcett and three singers dressed in gold lamé suits, looking and sounding just like the Bee Gees.

The show is inspired by the 1977 smash hit film that starred John Travolta as Tony Manero, a shop assistant who lives for the weekend when he can strut his stuff at his local Brooklyn disco. Jack Wilcox takes the role at The Alexandra, and he totally commands the stage, rarely out of the spotlight as he demonstrates his disco moves and enthusiastically pursues Stephanie Mangano, a new dancer in town played by Rebekah Bryant.

When he's not dancing, he's hanging out with his gang of mates, arguing with his dad or consoling his brother who has decided to leave the priesthood. While Jack is impressive as Tony, barely raising a sweat despite some energetic gyrations to the likes of Night Fever and Stayin' Alive, the character is difficult for the audience to like or empathise with, coming over as vain and egotistical.

The supporting cast is terrific, especially during the ensemble disco dance scenes. Harry Goodson-Bevan, making his professional debut, makes quite an impression as troubled youth Bobby C, and a solo number shows he has a great singing voice.

Most of the vocal duties are entrusted to Al Jenks, Drew Ferry and Oliver Thomson who are fantastic as the Bee Gees, overseeing the action from a gantry above the stage and hitting those high notes perfectly. They are accompanied by the SNF Band – Jeremy Wootton, Luke Beirne, Danny Grant, Billy Stookes and Jonathan Thomson. Applause all round!

Although the production is promoted as "The Bee Gees Soundtrack Live On Stage", the play tackles adult issues such as drug use, domestic abuse, rape, suicide and gang rivalry. After some harrowing scenes it was a relief to see 'The Bee Gees' return to their gantry because we knew we were in for some more great music and dancing!

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