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Sacred Cafe


Posted 2017-03-18 by Claire Chambersfollow
Sacred Café is one of those places I wasn't aware of until I stumbled upon it one day, desperately needing a hot drink and somewhere to comfortable to spend some time. It claims to adhere by antipodean sensibilities and it definitely had that antipodean vibe when hanging out in it. It is the kind of place which makes you feel relaxed just by walking inside. There was a variety of drinks on the menu and the cakes looked pretty tempting. I decided to settle on a hot chocolate, which although not amazing, was perfectly enjoyable. I've had better hot chocolates, but this one had plenty of flavour.

Apparently, Sacred Café was founded because the owners had a hard time finding a good cup of coffee in London and it does feel that the staff at Sacred Café know what they are doing when it comes to making coffee. I've read rave reviews about their coffee, with some reviewers even calling it the best cup of coffee in London.

The cafe was spacious and airy with a split-level design. There were cosy, snug green armchairs, making it an idea to curl up with a morning hot drink and a book in the window and watch the world go by. The cafe also has light bulbs strewn across it, as well as an adornment of wooden panelling and leafy green plants. It is situated on a new housing estate just off the Holloway Road and the quietness makes it seem like you're not in London, which can be welcome. There is a chain of s across the city, so you are likely to come across one somewhere else.

The drinks were pricey, but you can't really expect much different from London. They would probably be around the same price as Starbucks, but the atmosphere is pleasanter, so it is worth it in comparison. Be warned, the service is fairly slow, even on a quiet day. It's like they're determined to make you slow down! However, the staff are friendly enough.

Sacred Café definitely has a quirky vibe and a relaxed atmosphere, which is enough to calm you down. I left the coffee shop in a good mood, which means that I will think fondly of Sacred Café from now on. Worth a visit.

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