Rossopomodoro Italian Restaurant, Hoxton

Rossopomodoro Italian Restaurant, Hoxton


Posted 2013-07-15 by Praneel Lal-Beadnellfollow

What can you say about Italian? The people are passionate, the culture is rich and diverse and the food is just so god damn good.

Amongst an array of many Italian hot spots are the vamped up Rossopomodoro eateries that bring authentic Italian cuisine to the masses. The restaurant brings amazing ingredients (all sourced in the owners homeland of Naples) with a strong emphasis on flavour and authenticity of which its owners are accustomed to.

I headed to this restaurant for a friend's birthday with no real expectations, other than good pasta, a decent glass of red and possibly dessert (if I could fit it in).

We arrived and were seated at our table with the drinks menu barely opened before three bottles of full bodied red wine made it to the table. Next came the almighty food menu and our entire party were speechless upon its arrival. Hungry and cold provide the perfect base for an Italian feed. Our party of 12 stripped out of their winter coats and began dissecting the contents of the menu like hawks.

Whilst enjoying an Italian glass of red, I decided on the original choice of Tagliatella - a saucy, meaty dish that allowed me to fill up in true Italian style.

What I love about Italian food are the portions. I highly recommend when dining hearty European to really not eat much during your day, so you can appreciate all the flavours and the ample serving when you arrive at this Italian beauty.

There's something about sharing the Rossopomodoro experience with friends, the atmosphere is cosy and the venue really pays attention to you. The staff were lovely and all meals came out within a minute of each other.

Other items that were ordered were the Baccala - a fish that was flavoursome, a Cesarona - an Italian twist to a traditional Caesar salad and lastly some enormous pizzas. My personal favourite was the Vitulana - a thin based pizza decorated with mushrooms and cheese. Divine.

After much eating and drinking a lucky two decided to indulge in a Tortino Al Cioccolato; essentially a saucing chocolate pudding-esk dessert that had everyone's mouth watering.

Overall the experience at Rossopomodoro was good one. We were attentively adhered to by the waitstaff, the food was brought out in time and was good Italian. I would come back to Rossopomodoro again.

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