Rosemary Cafe & Juicery

Rosemary Cafe & Juicery


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While it may not be in the most attractive part of Hampstead, Rosemary Café & Juicery has proven surprisingly popular since it opened this summer. On the few occasions when I've walked past, and the two times I popped in, Rosemary Café & Juicery was very busy, with most tables occupied and many people stopping by for a takeaway drink or ice cream.

For such a small café, Rosemary Café & Juicery has an extensive menu. You can choose from a variety of drinks, such as smoothies, juices, protein shakes or milkshakes. Or perhaps you might prefer to opt for something a bit more substantial, like an omelette, wrap or salad box. There's also a selection of doughnuts and other tempting sweet treats on their counter. When it's warm outside, you can grab an ice cream from the stall just outside the café. Flavours include Alphonso mango, Sicilian pistachio and coconut.

When I visited Rosemary Café & Juicery for the second time at the end of September, I decided to try the Lotus Biscoff doughnut. I'd spotted it on the counter during my previous visit, but just couldn't resist it this time around. I also settled on a different drink – the Cool & Spicy juice. Last time I ordered the Apple Zing, which was super refreshing. The Lotus Biscoff doughnut was just as delicious as I'd expected and not too sickly sweet – although it is rather indulgent. It's a doughnut ring with an oozing centre and a generous helping of icing, Lotus Biscoff crumbs and half a Lotus biscuit. Cool & Spicy was very fruity with a bit of a kick (due to the ginger).

In terms of price, I'd say that Rosemary Café & Juicery is fairly reasonable. However, almost £4.00 for the doughnut is rather steep. Fresh juices and smoothies cost around £4.00-£5.00, while milkshakes cost £5.00. Classic egg dishes range between £6.50 for eggs on sourdough and £9.80 for avocado and poached eggs on toast. The café also offers 3 meal deals: sandwich and fresh juice for £8.00, wrap and juice for £10.00, and vegan salad box and juice for £10.00.

The café has excellent service, and on both visits, I was able to order my drinks (and doughnut) without any problems. You'll find a hand sanitiser dispenser at the entrance and a bottle of gel on every table, which shows that Rosemary Café & Juicery cares about the health of their customers. The only downside is that you can hear the rumble of the train underneath every so often. But that's a criticism of the location rather than the café itself.

Rosemary Café & Juicery is the perfect place to grab a healthy drink on the way to work, if you want a change from chains like Starbucks. It's also good for meeting friends for lunch: the seating is limited, but there are a number of tables available both inside and outside – try to get there early to avoid disappointment. Due to its marble tables and leafy Instagrammable wall, I'm sure Rosemary Café & Juicery will soon become popular amongst bloggers and influencers, much like Boba Bar a little further down Finchley Road.

All in all, Rosemary Café & Juicery is a brilliant addition to the cafes along Finchley Road, especially if you're on a health kick or looking for somewhere new to post on the 'gram. I'll be back soon.

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