Robert Montgomery: Estuary Poem For Wyndham Lewis and Other Works

Robert Montgomery: Estuary Poem For Wyndham Lewis and Other Works


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Mon 15 Jan 2018 - Sat 27 Jan 2018

Scottish born artist Robert Montgomery allows aspects of conceptual art and text to become binary, making ambitious and compelling installations indoors and out.

Although most of his work is exhibited and installed throughout UK locations, some are international. Using a variety of mediums for his text-based art, he even sets some of his texts on fire for effect. Now bringing his materials and ideas to central London, his next project features a two-piece artwork installed in Canary Wharf. One outdoor sculpture lights up just a few yards away from the tube station, placed amongst the crowds during the busy rush hour. The other, in a nearby shopping centre, centred on a wall.

His installations often have socio-political meaning. Renowned for his heartfelt and emotive based language, his work reads things such as "All places are temporary places". The exhibit itself isn't a large one, but placed in central Canary Wharf, the light up artworks add a nice aesthetic to the surroundings. Plaques are placed by both works, describing his previous works and includes a brief bio. His work aims to provoke an emotional response in those who see it, an imaginative and personal response to the text. Even for those who aren't intellectually engaged with his work or a particular fan of art, his work is no doubt breathtaking to see in all its form and glory, lit up in the city.

As Montgomery often chooses abandoned and open spaces for his installations, I was surprised to see installations in central London. Surprisingly, his work sits well amongst skyscrapers and tall buildings. His work at night looks particularly impressive, as both his texts are installed with bright white lights in the letters. If you're wanting to grab a glimpse of his installations, you'll have to hurry though! Open for the remainder of January only, you'll have to travel from afar if you're wanting to catch a second or third show. What's more, as his work occupied public space, it's completely free for those to browse!

To find out more about Robert Montgomery and his work, visit his website

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